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Through intuitive practice and guidance, I am helping creative people access their best ideas and birth them successfully, bringing them to the forefront to change the world. Let me help you get focused, stay unboxed, be unbothered and get noticed today! -Khadijah Ali-Coleman, the Creative Midwife™



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Clients of my speaking, writing or visioning workshops have included:

Client Testimony about MEDIA SERVICES:

"Khadijah has strength in planning and executing a finished project and is skilled in the technical aspects in front of the camera and behind the scenes." 

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Client Testimony about MEDIA SERVICES:

"You have great vision and enthusiasm. You are detail oriented. You care about the quality of your work, and you get things done in a timely manner. You are also very clear about how long it will take you to complete the project, and you ask your clients what they want or need." 

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Client Testimony about SPEAKER SERVICES:

 "She is flexible and creative about your needs and her offerings and I recommend her without any equivocation."

– Valarie Ashley, Executive Director, Southeast Ministry


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How Can I Help You?

(1) GET FOCUSED- My services help you begin to actualize your vision by helping you develop your creative entrepreneurial plan. Whether you are beginning a new project, starting a new career, launching a new brand or developing a networking plan, I have the expertise to help you reach your goal.

(2) GET UNBOXED- My services help you unbox your creative ideas and get started on your new project. Whether you schedule a Reiki session to begin to learn how to relax and energize your creative spirit or you need a personalized reading to guide your initial consultation, I will help you unbox your best creative self to produce results. 

(3) GET UNBOTHERED- My premium services and skills help you stay unbothered. I have a specific package created for authors at first, but now made available for all creative entrepreneurs who need help with web content, or any type of work that is important to your creative journey.

(4) GET NOTICED-My services to get you press-ready help GET YOU NOTICED-- including photography and video services; writing services for leaders, authors, speakers, performers, etc. (biographies, press kits, web content, speeches, etc.); and public speaking coaching, relying on my professional work as a public speaking professor, a professional public speaker and broadcast personality!


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The Creative Midwife LIVE and In-Person

 I am available for trainings, keynote speaker engagements, conferences and school events offering engaging and interactive presentations on a bevy of pertinent topics for all age groups.

Some recent topics: 

  • how to begin your writing journey,
  • leading creatively,
  • finding your creative voice,
  • birthing your creativity,
  • liberating your creative muse, the business of art, etc.

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I am here to help you birth your creative babies, whether you have already begun your project or you need help getting started.  Let's Go!

My 4-step process will take you from visioning to actualizing!

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 The FUUN process will move you from conception of your idea to birth of your creative vision!

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