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Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman (pictured above) is the Creative MidwifeTM, a professional creative who has built an expansive career as a playwright, educator, journalist and performer.

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Arts Needs? What Does That Mean?

It Means You Want to Live a More Creative Life. You May Want to Write a Book and Need Help Getting Started.

You Might Have A Project That Needs Something New to Make It Pop.

You May Want to Quit Your Day Job and Begin Monetizing Your Art-- Whether It Is Painting, Writing or Performing.

You Have Needs. You Have Arts Needs. And, I'm Here to Help.

What Do Past Clients Say?

My wonderful editor, Khadijah Ali-Coleman did an awesome job, and I am pleased with the final piece.

–Karen Minors, Author

“Khadijah is a very creative and dedicated artist, writer, and business professional. Her organizational skills are second to none.” -Dennis Chestnut, Executive Director, Groundwork Anacostia DC

“Khadijah carries a room like few others in the DC Songwriters circuit. With a persona so powerful, she makes even the unabashed pay attention.”
-JA Thueson, founder of Songwriters & Poets and entertainment coordinator for The Adams Morgan Day Festival

"Khadijah was very instrumental in helping me craft my stories as well as editing my manuscript. Now that you have a completed manuscript, I highly recommend hiring an editor to help you complete the process.  Khadijah is very knowledgeable and has brilliant creativity."-Nathan Seven Scott, Author *



10 Things You Should Know About Me:

1.  I am continuously growing as an artist. I don't have all the answers, but the ones I have, I share willingly with my clients.

2.  I don't have a boot camp method. I don't hound you or harass you. I am not a micro-manager and will not be more interested in your project than you. I will encourage, support and guide. I expect you to hire me when you are ready to do what needs to be done!

3. I believe that possibilities are endless. I will encourage you to think outside of the box and stay outside of that box for the rest of your life.

4. I like to learn at least one thing everyday. I plan and expect to learn from you as my client.

5. I think the internet is the best thing since sliced bread. I will expect you to have internet access when booking me and you should expect to be directed to research, share and interact with me using the internet for most of our engagements.

6. I appreciate quiet and think that reflection time is prime creating time for a parenting creative. But, we don't always get the quiet we want or need. I have my own personal method to go into quiet space within even when people are around. When you book me, ask me how that works.

7. I think everything has been tried and yet still believe in magic and the unknown. Go figure.

8. I play djembe and looking to join a drum circle.

9. I performed three times at the Apollo in New York. I won money the first time. I didn't win the second time, but didn't get booed. I was on the television show the third time and got booed by one person which prompted the audience to clap for me. The winner that night was a dude dressed up like Bill Clinton singing, "It Wasn't Me".

10. I have learned the most from my failures-- whether they be failed friendships, failed projects or failed hairstyles.




Hire The Creative Midwife today for one of the following services:

WRITING SERVICES including  professional biographies;  editing and re-writing assistance with manuscripts; and help with outlining and writing projects

INTERACTIVE TRAINING SERVICES for nonprofits, corporate trainings, church groups, community based organizations, etc.

CREATIVITY COACHING for those who need specific guidance in beginning or strengthening a career as a professional performance or literary artist.

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Baltimore Book Festival (2014)

Center for Spiritual Living (2015)

International Soul Music Summit (2008)

Prince George's Community College (2015)

Press Photo (2015)